Alpha/bêta counting

Published on 05 / 11 / 2022

ATRON METROLOGY’s Test, Measurement & Analysis Laboratory has expanded its range of services with the acquisition of a global alpha/beta counter.

ATRON METROLOGY carries out the characterisation of nuclear samples by liquid scintillation or gamma spectrometry on behalf of its customers. In order to satisfy the most varied needs, ATRON METROLOGY extends its measurement capacities to global alpha/beta counting.

This device allows the measurement of the global alpha and global beta radioactivity indices on liquid samples or on swears.

The global alpha/beta counter is equipped with a guard detector and a lead shield to reduce the background noise to its lowest level in order to optimise the detection limit, including for environmental measurements.

In compliance with the general requirements concerning the competence of calibration and testing laboratories (ISO/CEI 17025), the teams of the Test, Measurement & Analysis Laboratory guarantee the validity of all the results delivered and remain at your disposal for any information.

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