ISO-17025 accreditation

All the teams rigorously apply methodologies and protocols aiming at the reliability of results and analyzes.

ATRON is accredited by COFRAC according to the ISO-17025 standard, which lays down general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.
The scope of our accreditation No. 2-6778 covers instrument calibration operations in terms of air kerma, ambient dose equivalent or their flow rates, performed by ATRON (available on
ATRON's quality system is also ISO 9001 certified, which establishes strict rules to ensure results' reliability delivered, the confidentiality of the data to which ATRON has access and the impartiality of its teams.
Compliance of these rules implies a rigorous application of the defined protocols, a scientific and regulatory watch and an ability to adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.
The entire ATRON system, from beam calibration to measurement methods, ensures reliable R&D results and guarantees optimization of the industrial approach of our customers.


ATRON employees participate regularly in international seminars and conferences, sharing their analyzes and expertise.

This attachment to get involved in the animation of the scientific community translates into publications in specialized journals and presentations at international seminars and congresses.

Scientific publications

« Vérification de l'étalonnage de radiamètres sans source radioactive ! »
A. Chapon, G. Dupont, J.-M. Bordy. In La Revue Générale du Nucléaire (SFEN), 2016.
« Optimization of liquid scintillation measurements applied to smears and aqueous samples collected in industrial environments »
A. Chapon, G. Pigrée, V. Putmans, G. Rogel. In Results in Physics, 2016.

Scientific watch

Contributions to the evolution of normative references, member of the "Protection against ionizing radiation" commission (M601) of the french "Nuclear Equipment Standardization Office" (BNEN).

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ATRON patent

At the forefront of innovation, ATRON owns the patent which protects its process and device to test the proper operation of a radiation survey meter.

ATRON checks the calibration of radiation survey meters in a homogeneous field of X-rays with a broad energy spectrum. The industrial patent is at odds with the usual technologies based on the use of an irradiator equipped with radioactive sources.
ATRON benefited from the assistance of CNRS/LPC Caen, a laboratory specializing in nuclear measurement, and the guarantee of the CEA/LNHB to connect to the primary beam.

Charter of commitment

ATRON is committed to a partnership approach with its clients, to define and access their needs, respecting ethics and mutual values.

ATRON is engaged in a balanced and lasting relationship with its partners, in the knowledge and respect of the respective rights and duties of each party.
ATRON guarantees to all its clients a tailor-made relationship, a sharing of objectives, a follow-up in the relationship, a contract of result and a durability in excellence.

All ATRON employees adhere to a privacy policy, which guarantees our clients the non-disclosure of the information collected.
Finally, the locking of information systems, the establishment of a space dedicated to each intervention and the definition of an exhaustive protocol of confidentiality, effectively supplement the entire system to ensure absolute discretion of your work, without any restriction on time.

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