Supplementary features

Irradiation chamber in adapted conditions

ATRON has developed an irradiation chamber in line with the electrons accelerator line for treatment and investigation in adapted Irradiation conditions (called LAETICIA because of the french translation "Ligne d’Accélérateur d’Electrons pour le Traitement et l’Investigation en Conditions d’Irradiation Adaptées").

LAETICIA allows to maintain extreme conditions of temperature and atmosphere during irradiations in electrons or in X.
The device consists of two cooling systems, in which can flow Syltherm XLT or liquid nitrogen (N2) for irradiation at the lowest temperatures as well as a heated plate at the highest temperatures.
The pressure in the chamber may be adjusted to a secondary vacuum level or contain an inert gas for specific studies of the effects of X-rays on the material. Electronic irradiation is only possible in vacuum.
The samples contained in LAETICIA can be homogeneously irradiated with electrons on an adjustable surface of up to 40×220 mm², to meet your most varied irradiation needs.

Automated rotary conveyor

To allow the continuous irradiation of samples or radiation survey meters, we have developed a rotary device with defined sequencers.

The device, automated and synchronized with the operation of the accelerator, allows irradiation in a homogeneous field.
This apparatus has a fixed arm, carrying measuring devices such as a camera, in order to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the tests.
This conveyor is available to facilitate the implementation of your test protocols. In the context of specific tests, ATRON proposes to develop additional modules to meet the ergonomics of your needs.

In addition, cable ducts are available to facilitate the implementation of remote measurements during irradiation. Finally, within the framework of specific tests, ATRON proposes to develop additional modules to meet the ergonomics of your needs.

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