Modeling tools

ATRON, expert in modeling tools, allows to determine the exact dosimetry delivered to the samples, and thus to support industrialization of your processes.

ATRON's nuclear measurement experts are skilled at using Monte Carlo calculation codes (GEANT4, RayXpert, MCNP-X, FISPACT) to assist customers in defining a pre-irradiation test plan of matter and construct relevant observables, such as energy fluency, dose or absorbed energy.
ATRON provides a modeling tool based on a semi-deterministic computer code to determine the dose profile in a multi-material sample, as a function of the energy of the incident electron beams.


Modeling allows to visualize the absorbed doses transmitted per unit of matter, and thus to correlate the effects to the doses.

The modeling tools developed by our experts include the definition of the experiment's geometry and of the sequence of irradiation. They integrate statistical optimization tools for the propagation of particles in the material and allow to determine the dosimetric quantities to which the sample is exposed.
This Monte Carlo modeling, confirmed by the measurements during irradiation tests, guarantees the reproducibility of the operations and the fair quantification of the effects.

Predictive model

The capitalization of the tests allows a fine adjustment of the dose-effects data in order to make the industrialization more reliable and perennial.

Predictive model makes it possible to better understand the evolution of a material as a function of time and the surrounding environment.
Our experts in metrology of ionizing radiation can determine an exact distribution of the dose involved in the matter. By correlating them to changes in the materials, we can thus determine a dose/effects relationship.
From these results, we determine a predictive model in order to ensure the reproducibility of the expected effects, in a procedure of industrialization of your processes.

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