The entire installation has been designed to allow optimal use of the tools according to metrological and/or research needs.

The ATRON installation includes an accelerator, control station, test laboratory, measurement laboratory, maintenance workshop, equipment entrance hall and staff and visitor lobby. All these arrangements allow a smooth and optimized circulation of materials and people.
The premises have been designed with spaces guaranteeing the confidentiality of the research and development activities in progress: from the irradiation room to the assigned testing laboratory.
The structure of the building allows adaptability of locals to anticipate the evolving needs of research and development teams.


The installation is designed to ensure that people are not exposed to workstations and the periphery of the accelerator. Its surface makes it possible to meet the progress of the requirements for qualification of material.

The design of the building is such that it ensures a safe environment for the public, authorized visitors and all teams.
The dimensioning specially designed for a fluidity of the circulations of materials and technicians, also allows work spaces adapted to research and industrial applications.
The ventilation of the irradiation room guarantees a good control of the hygrometry and temperature, which contributes to ensuring the best conditions of reproducibility and repeatability of the qualifications.

Access control

All rules are implemented to prevent any intrusion into our facilities.

The innovative design of the building ensures control of flows with two separate accesses, one for people and the other for equipments.
A name badge is given to you temporarily during the duration of your presence on the technological platform, from your arrival to the restitution at the end of the visit.
Access, operation and control of the installations comply with the most demanding safety rules.


An exhaustive study of all risks is filed and deposited at the Nuclear Safety Authorities.

ATRON, nuclear operator subject to the authorization of the NSA, has prepared a file demonstrating the safe operation of the installation. It includes:

  • the general operating rules,
  • the sizing of biological protections,
  • all the measures taken to mitigate the risks associated with all the activities of the installation,
  • the analysis of each identified workstation.

Following its authorization, the ASN regularly checks the correct application of the rules defined during the preparation of the file.

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