ATRON, a technological platform rich in scientific expertise, meets your needs in terms of irradiation and supports your R&D projects.

ATRON was born from a strong ambition of CERAP, subsidiary of the ENGIE group, to strenghten its positioning in nuclear instrumentation field by the way of developing a rupture technology that aims to abandon the use of radioactive sources in favor of a controlled irradiation mean.

In partnership with CNRS and CEA laboratories, ATRON developed the calibration of radiation survey meters with an electron beam and a X irradiation field connected to a primary radiation source.

To achieve its project and meet various irradiation needs, ATRON has developed a technological platform equipped with:

  • an electrostatic electron accelerator with a removable X target,
  • tools allowing irradiation in special conditions,
  • a measurement and analysis laboratory,
  • a team with scientific skills,
  • a network of partnerships with research laboratories.

ATRON has benefited from the support of the Normandy region for the implementation of this project.



Elaboration by CERAP of a method of calibration of radiation survey meters without radioactive source


Creation of ATRON to implement this ground-breaking technology


Beginning of operation of the platform and conduction of the first irradiations


ATRON ensures metrological reliability, reduces environmental impact and participates in the emergence of new solutions for its customers, through research and innovation.

ATRON is committed to sustainable development by conducting studies to improve the performance of materials, more reliable installations and less consumption of raw materials.
Our platform is designed to meet the needs of business, environmental conditions and the highest confidentiality, a service of excellence to our customers.
We believe in scientific collaboration and knowledge sharing to develop the solutions of tomorrow.
We support you in your projects, from the qualification of your R&D works to the industrialization process, in fields as diverse as energy, aerospace and plastics.
ATRON is committed to the collective approach of the entities of CERAP, centralized on prevention and inexorably focused towards the future!

The team

The ATRON team is made up of complementary experts whose experience and technological watch contribute to ensure the success of your projects.


PhD in Theoretical physics and particle physics

Nuclear measurement expert.
Designer of the method of calibration of radiation survey meters without radioactive source.
Scientific and technical manager of ATRON.

Gabriel DUPONT

Research engineer

PhD in physics, nuclear engineer.
Expert in beam modeling.
ATRON research engineer.


PhD in organic, mineral and industrial chemistry

Specialist in organic matter.
Expert in materials characterization.

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