Components qualification

ATRON offers services adapted to the qualification of electronic components by carrying out various data analyzes aiming to identify possible failures.

The irradiation tests are part of the panoply of environmental tests in the processes of qualification of electronic components in particular for the aerospace, military, nuclear or high energy physics applications.
Our experts support you in the analyzes of failure or modification of properties of electronic components or connectors.

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Reliability of embedded systems

ATRON supports you in the technological challenges around the safety of embedded electronic or optical systems.

Embedded systems in hostile or inaccessible environments require users to make sure that the equipment are functioning perfectly and that they are durable.
Our preliminary studies supplemented by measurements in irradiation are integrated in the assessment of the reliability of the products by reconstituting all the operating conditions.
ATRON advises you during the design and experiments the future constraints of the operational processes.

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Semiconductors doping

ATRON proposes to improve the conductivity performance of a material by introducing particles into the semiconductor matrix.

Doping consists in bringing atomic elements to a substance in order to modify its conductivity properties. This application intervenes in the realization of most electronic components, in particular diodes, transistors and integrated circuits.
The silicon thus doped, becomes an ideal semiconductor in electronics for very specific applications such as photovoltaics, computing or transportation of the future.
The use of an electron beam makes it possible to propose an alternative to doping by ion implantation. The surface of the semiconductor to be treated is covered with a layer containing the particles to be implanted and the energy of the electron beam allows their migration in the semiconductor.

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