Practical course

Experienced ATRON teams make you discover the accelerator, the operating constraints and the principles of application.

Technological peculiarities and safety requirements are presented by our experts to all personnel dedicated to this specialization. ATRON in partnership with approved organizations opens the doors of its facilities for training in the maintenance and pilot operations of an equivalent accelerator and environment.
ATRON experts are available to present the entire process of calibration of radiation survey meters to Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). In addition, the facility has sealed and unsealed sources for practical work.

Download the sheet.

Accreditation package

Our consultants advise you in the development of accreditation package necessary to obtain authorization for the operation of a particle accelerator.

We assist you in the compliance of the establishment receiving a source of irradiation, on the development and/or validation of the documents to be provided for the approval and the assistance during the study of admissibility of your file.
Our experts present you our certified and operational installation and assist you by interviews on technical and organizational aspects according to your needs.

Download the sheet.

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