Tailor-made services

ATRON adapts to each project to design customized test protocols and supports you on your specific research. We are involved in a commitment to results, beyond a commitment of resources.

Our technological platform, flexible and scalable, meets all your existing and future demands. The alliance of the high expertise of our protocols and the flexibility of the accelerator in energy and power allow us a strong adaptability to your research projects in any field.
ATRON designates a single point of contact for the monitoring of your project. He manages all the additional expertise necessary for the successful completion of your research.

Internal expertise

ATRON has the expertise to establish test protocols that are relevant to meet your understanding of the phenomena of material irradiation transformation.

Our strong expertise in nuclear measurements guarantees the correct modeling of the beam and its interaction with matter. Our expertise in physics and chemistry allows us to understand the effects of research on matter. Our skills are adapted to all fields such as microelectronics, polymer studies or aging materials studies.

Territory of competences

ATRON is at the heart of a skilled network of universities, engineering schools and research centers.

Rooted in Normandy, a territory of nuclear competence, ATRON has developed a strong relationship with academic institutions, research centers and industrial partners.
ATRON is the result of partnerships with CNRS and CEA laboratories, in particular for the implementation of a breakthrough technique of calibration of devices for measuring ionizing radiation by an accelerator.
Beyond these regional and national partnerships, ATRON is a member of various professional and scientific networks and international research programs combining expertise in its fields of intervention.

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