Material processing


ATRON brings together the means and the skills necessary to support you in your needs for structural modification of organic materials in irradiation.

ATRON responds to your projects of structural modification of the polymers in irradiation, with adapted temperature and atmosphere.
The platform makes it possible to implement flexible irradiation conditions allowing a wide variety of applications, among which:

  • crosslinking or grafting,
  • fireproofing,
  • surface treatment.

In addition, ATRON offers its expertise in the design of test protocols. Based on its modeling tools, ATRON determines the irradiation conditions to obtain a defined dose profile.

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Accelerated ageing of materials

The irradiation of metals, alloys, minerals, glasses or ceramics generates modifications of their physico-chemical properties.

Our experts center and the electrons accelerator guarantee a process adapted to your project. This can include:

  • feasibility analysis,
  • design of test protocols in appropriate conditions,
  • characterization of the effects on the material,
  • support in the process of industrialization.

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Qualifications – Investigations

ATRON, thanks to its customized irradiation technology, makes it possible to check the resistance of the physico-chemical properties of material samples in future conditions of use.

During the irradiation tests, ATRON proposes to implement a device recreating the conditions of temperature, atmosphere and pressure, suitable for the use of the materials in test. This device makes it possible to reproduce extreme environments such as those encountered in the fields of Nuclear, Military or Aerospace.
Moreover, ATRON, technological platform, is in close contact with the scientific community to offer all the necessary expertise to assess and characterize the evolutions of the physicochemical properties of irradiated material samples.

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