Equipment Qualification Meeting

Published on 05 / 25 / 2022

ATRON METROLOGY participates to the 2nd Equipment Qualification Meeting in ÚJV Řež (CZ), from May 23 to 26, 2022.

The equipment qualification of safety important items in nuclear installations is a vital part of the facility design basis. The process includes qualification for functional capability, seismic conditions, environmental conditions, and electromagnetic interference effects over the full range from normal operating conditions to accident conditions. It should be proven that the equipment which is relied upon to perform safety functions can perform these functions in the event of design extension conditions.

ATRON presented its capabiliets in term of Equipment qualification under radiation, but also calibration of survey meters, treatment of materials and its invlovments in various R&D subjects like the study of corrosion and biocorrosion under irradiation or the cumulative dose effects on electronic compoenents:

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The goal of this meeting is to exchange experience and knowledge on the whole equipment qualification process, utility requirements, as well as testing laboratories and supplier conditions. Other objectives are to define gaps and needs in research as well as to talk about quality assurance during the testing, manufacturing process and nuclear installation.

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