FELIX beam spectrometry

Published on 07 / 05 / 2018

The connection of the FELIX beam qualities in terms of ambient dose equivalent rate includes their spectrometric measurements. This is what CEA did on July 5, 2018 for ATRON.

FELIX beam spectrometry was performed at 1.25 MeV, 2 MeV and 3 MeV using a calibrated measurement system including a bismuth germanate scintillation detector (BGO) and a multi-channel analyzer.

These new measurements enable ATRON to perform calibration of radiation survey meters over extended energy ranges from 0 to 1.25 MeV, 2 MeV or 3 MeV. They complete a set of achievements implemented by ATRON to ensure the reliability of the delivered results. It consits in particular in:

  1. a monitoring ionisation chamber for regulating the accelerator at low dose rates,

  2. a KERMA in air measurement transfert chain,

  3. two monitor dose rate measurement chains, calibrated in ambient dose equivalent rate,

  4. a sample convoyer equipped with custom templates, to ensure optimal reproducibility of instrument positioning.

Software developments for the deployment of modelisations and control and command tools complete this project. All these layouts, fruit of two years of research in collaboration with laboratories of the CNRS (LPCCaen) and the CEA (LNHB), allows ATRON to provide its customers with accurate results.

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