First calibrations without radioacive source

Published on 01 / 16 / 2019

ATRON METROLOGY achieves the excellent challenge of performing calibration of ionizing radiation measuring instruments without radioactive source, a world first!

Since 2015, ATRON METROLOGY, in collaboration with CERAP PREVENTION, has been developing a new ionizing radiation measuring instruments calibration method, using a particle accelerator, instead of radioactive sources.

With their certainty in choosing the path to better metrological reliability and reduced environmental impact, our teams worked on the development of this method, its implementation and its independent validation.

In these processes, we have been able to count on strong partners, both academic and industrial. We also salute the first customers who have put their trust in our new atypical technology in the sense that it brings to a new way of checking the characteristics of the instruments with an instantaneous vision more envelope covering all of their energy response:

- X-ray center of Cherbourg,
Gravelines nuclear power plant

After feedback on more than 100 CPE made, on various instrument models, ATRON METROLOGY is pleased to guarantee the fiability of its breakthrough technology in the nuclear instrumentation field.

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