Irradiation of materials for Lemer Pax

Published on 07 / 18 / 2022

ATRON METROLOGY performs the qualification of Novashield Glass developed by Lemer Pax.

Lemer Pax develops, designs and manufactures radiation protection solutions for the fields of Medicine, Research, Industry and Nuclear Protection. Lemer Pax has extensive expertise in this demanding profession, based on more than 50 years of experience.

Lemer Pax trusts ATRON METROLOGY for the qualification of radiation protection devices for gamma rays and X-rays that it develops. This is for example the case of Novashield Glass, a brand new transparent composite, lead-free and radioprotective (X, Gamma and neutron) for the production of viewing windows for screens in the fields of industry, medicine, research, aeronautics and space.

Indeed, the irradiation capabilities of ATRON METROLOGY make it possible to reproduce the conditions of accelerated aging of matter under irradiation, in order to evaluate the absorption parameters of ionizing rays and to assess the evolution of light transmissions with the dose.

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