Calibration in personal dose equivalent

Published on 05 / 30 / 2023

ATRON METROLOGY's Metrology Laboratory for Radio Protection calibrates its first operational dosimeters.

The LMRP is operated since 2019 by ATRON METROLOGY for the calibration and verification of the calibration of radiation protection instruments in the quantities of air kerma (Ka), ambient dose equivalent (H*(10)) and their flow rates. The LMRP is accredited by COFRAC according to the ISO-17025 standard (accreditation n°2-6778).

The LMRP is extending its calibration capabilities to the dosimetric quantity "personal dose equivalent" (Hp(10)). A first series of operational dosimeters was calibrated by the LMRP and delivered in April 2023 for ICOHUP, which is developing a new operational dosimeter based on scintillation technology.

The main interest of the method implemented by the LMRP lies in the use of a particle accelerator, generating a braking X-ray beam with a continuous energy distribution. This patented method makes it possible to probe the entire energy response range of calibrated or verified instruments, in order to simulate the real conditions of use of these instruments.

With these first conclusive calibrations, which are compatible with those previously carried out by the IRSN, the LMRP has demonstrated its ability to calibrate and verify the calibration of dosimeters in terms of personal dose equivalent or its rate.

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