Characterisation of the CALENDOS detector

Published on 12 / 16 / 2019

ATRON continues its collaboration with the Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de Caen by participating in the characterization of its CALENDOS innovative detector.

At the same time as its calibration and calibration survey of radiation survey meters activities developed in collaboration with the LPC Caen, ATRON actively participates in the research and development of innovative tools for radiation protection.

Thus, developed at LPC Caen, the CALENDOS detector makes it possible, from a single measurement, to estimate personal dose equivalents at the three commonly accepted depths (0.07 mm, 0.3 mm and 10 mm) with the aim of evaluate the dose equivalent to the skin, the lens and the effective dose. With the help of its electron accelerator delivering a beam of X-ray radiation traceable to the international system of units in terms of kerma in the air and ambient equivalent dose, ATRON helped to analyze the performance of this detector and to initiate its calibration phase.

Data analysis is underway and the first results are encouraging!

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