COFRAC surveillance audit

Published on 03 / 24 / 2023

In accordance with the life cycle of our COFRAC accreditation n°2-6778 for the calibration of radiation survey meters, ATRON METROLOGY was audited on 22 and 23 February 2023.

ATRON METROLOGY is accredited by COFRAC according to the ISO-17025 standard, which establishes the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The scope of our accreditation n°2-6778 covers the calibration of instruments in terms of air kerma, ambient dose equivalent or their flow rates, performed by ATRON (scope available on within the Laboratoire de Métrologie pour la Radio-Protecion (LMRP).

Within this framework, we are subject to a cycle of evaluations, the latest audit of which revealed many strong points and no deviations!

Among these strengths:

  • - The strong expertise of the team in place in the field of ionising radiation, the team behind the implementation of this facility in 2018
  • - A unique facility in France for calibrating radiation protection equipment
  • - The deployment of a skills management tool
  • - The partnership developed with the CEA-List-LNHB in the accreditation process, which is still ongoing today
  • - The automatic procedures implemented for the recovery of raw data and the positioning of the equipment to be calibrated (fixed distance always the same, fixed passager, etc.), guaranteeing the reliability of the calibration results
  • - The very good results obtained during the 2022 inter-laboratory comparison with Orano
  • - A coherent and well-structured documentary system associated with a good editorial quality of the QMS documents (clarity, readability, relevant technical elements, etc.)
  • - The good approach implemented in terms of internal communication and continuous improvement with the planning of annual management reviews alternating with steering meetings

The evaluation concludes that the LMRP's activities are well controlled and that, on the whole, they meet the requirements of the ISO-17025 standard, the COFRAC reference framework and the technical standards. It notes the exceptional and perfectly controlled resources implemented and the very good level of competence of its personnel.

It confirms the assessor's confidence in the LMRP for the performance of tests under accreditation, both from a technical and organisational point of view, for the performance of calibrations under accreditation and for the capacity of the QMS to be in continuous improvement.

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