Corrosion under ionizing radiation

Published on 01 / 19 / 2022

In partnership with Corrodys, ATRON METROLOGY is interested in understanding the mechanisms of corrosion and biocorrosion of metallic materials subjected to ionizing radiation.

Based in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, the Corrodys laboratory is a technological research center specializing in corrosion, biocorrosion and biofouling which brings together complementary specialists to assess and study all aspects of the cases of corrosion and biocorrosion encountered.

While 80% of the electrical energy produced in France is of nuclear origin, the problem of corrosion of materials subjected to ionizing radiation is omnipresent, whether in production or downstream from the nuclear cycle with conditioning and long-term storage of radioactive waste.

Corrodys and ATRON METROLOGY are interested in the ageing and degradation of metallic materials under irradiation, in environments representative of the nuclear industry with the aim of evaluating their resistance to corrosion/biocorrosion. The ATRON technology notably makes it possible to carry out classic corrosion/biocorrosion tests while leaving the possibility of carrying out analyzes directly on the exposed samples at the end of the test.

By their singularity, these studies make it possible to highlight in particular on the one hand the impact of the oxidizing radicals on the corrosion, on the other hand the effect of the irradiation on the microorganisms generally incriminated in the phenomena of Corrosion Influenced by Microorganisms (CIM).

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